Everything you need to know to choose how to come over
Drake Bay is a remote place, and it is why it is such a special place


BY PLANE - The Fastest way

Between San Jose and Drake Bay, there are two flights per day, each way (only in high season).
The flight is amazing, as you are in a small plane during 50min, and as you can enjoy the nice view on the pacific cost. You will even see the famous whale tail shaped beach of the Marino Ballena National Parc of Uvita.
Sansa Airline is the company operating between San Jose and Drake Bay.
We can help you to book book your flight.
Plane Schedule From San Jose : - Departure at 8:10am, arrive at 9:00am - Departure at 3:05pm, arrive at 3:55pm
Plane Schedule From Drake Bay : - Departure at 9:10am, arrive at 10:00am - Departure at 4:05pm, arrive at 5:55pm

BY BOAT - The most exotical way
Between Sierpe and Drake Bay, there is a ferry service twice a day, in each way.
The boat ride is wonderful, as you are following the Sierpe River, and navigating through the Terraba-Sierpe Wetland, before reaching the Pacific Coast close to the bay of Drake.
Ferry Schedule From Sierpe : - Departure at 11:30am and 4:00pm
Ferry Schedule From Drake Bay : - Departure at 7:15am and 2:30pm
Price : 20$

BY CAR - The adventurous way

The last 25 kilometers (17 miles) are unpaved. You don't need it but we highly recommend a 4WD car because the roads are well maintained but still unpaved.
Itinerary :
From Palmar Norte, follow road 2 in the direction of Panama. Arriving in Chacarita, turn right on the road 245, in the direction of Puerto-Jimenez. Arriving in Rincon, turn right on the unpaved road in the direction of Drake Bay. 25 kilometers laters, welcome to Paradise.