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Hello there! I'm Elsa, the founder of Good Catch Costa Rica. With over 3 years of experience, we offer the ultimate online reservation platform for tours in Costa Rica. Allow me to share our story with you. At Good Catch, we started from humble beginnings. It all began during a road trip when my van unexpectedly broke down at the entrance of Drake Bay. Instead of being discouraged, i decided to embrace the opportunity and stay for a while. Little did i know that this paradise would become my home. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, i made a conscious choice to remain in this idyllic setting rather than returning to the bustling city. i found solace in spending our days fishing and basking in the warm sun on the beach. However, i soon realized the importance of sustaining myself and the local community.

This led to the creation of GoodCatch Sport Fishing, in collaboration with Bryan and Ronald. Not only are Bryan and his crew experts in sport fishing, but they are also genuinely passionate about it. They possess an intimate knowledge of the best fishing spots, ensuring that you won’t leave without a perfect catch to take home.
As i was discovering the wonders of the Puntarenas region, i decided to help you discover it too. So i started to organize tours and made sure that you would have only the best experience.

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As a travel expert, i am here to assist you in discovering the most remarkable destinations during your trip. From unforgettable overnight stays in Corcovado, where you can spot pumas and sloths, to exhilarating snorkeling adventures in Caño Island with turtles and exotic fishes, i am dedicated to ensuring that your Pacific coast journey becomes the best travel experience you've ever had. Check out the tours and make your online reservation. If you need anything or have any question, i am just an email away. Enjoy your visit!
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Why GoodCatch ?
 Not only i love nature and sport fishing, but i also love to share all the wonders i discovered through the years in Costa Rica. When booking with me, you can be sure that you ll experience the best tour possible. Our fishers are experts, our guides are passionate and organization is flawless. Contact me for more information, i ll be glad to answer your questions.

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