The crew

Good times ahead!

Meet Elsa, Bryan and Chip, the perfect fishing team!

Elsa : The feminine touch!
While traveling, she discovered Drake Bay where she met Kenneth and Bryan. Having the same passion, being complementary individuals, Elsa launched Good Catch to live from her passion.
Elsa will guide you before you come in Drake Bay. She will ensure to know what you are looking for and that Good Catch is going to offer you a customized service and meet your expectation.
She is also a formidable angler!

Bryan : the pure “Drakener”
Born in this wild nature, he chose to spend his life on the water!
Navigating and fishing the surrounding area since he is a child, there is no rock, no wall, no current he doesn’t know.
He is going to ask about your expectations, and will make everything to meet them. He is known in Drake Bay as one of the best anglers.

Ronald : the expert fisherman
Sunburnt, dried up, half dead, half blind Gecko just trying to get by. He is an experienced fisherman from Florida, where he still use to go during the tournament season to compare his skills with the best ones.
Chip is a very positive fisherman, alway smiling, and he is could me happier than you when you will put your trophy on board.

With Captain Bryan they are the best team you could have.